About Us

Time to Build your Business.

"You as a Founder represent the dream for an industry, you're who people aspire to be.”

– SuperDave Bruno, Red Planet Ventures

Why We Exist

Red Planet Ventures believes building new companies is the most noble of all life’s undertakings. The act of creation underpins strategy with purpose, vision with hands-on doing. Entrepreneurs generate the new jobs that pay taxes, feed people and make our society work.

That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves full-time to helping build new companies. Red Planet Ventures takes great personal pride and joy out of the process of building new companies. It’s our life’s work.

Founding Date

January 2021

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What We Do

Red Planet Ventures is a venture builder, a new model optimized to support early stage founders without the predatory practices of many existing firms. Whether you’re at the powerpoint, prototype or product stage, we provide you with the services you need to get to exit velocity to Series A faster. 

We are like a Swiss Army knife, supplying all the right tools at just the right moment to help your company validate product, hire people, scale and ultimately find

How We Work

If you are an early-stage founder of a pre-seed/seed stage startup, and need a hand help raising capital, completing sales or building your first product, contact us for a free assessment of where you’re at today and the next steps to get there.

If we see you’ve detected a large greenfield area and show a high aptitude to go build a rocket on that greenfield, with the right team, experience, attitude, product roadmap and other factors, we will make an offer to do services and co-invest our time to help scale you up.

Who We Are

Our founders are seasoned operators who understand the stresses of founding and scaling small businesses, having been part of multiple startups and exits ourselves.

Red Planet Venture’s team is made of young gun specialists who can code, calculate, contact, design, and who are highly incentivized to drive a company forward, not just bill hours to complete a task.

Every person on our team is an entrepreneur themselves, able to anticipate the curves and navigate them in advance. 

What We Deliver

We provide an endless combination of operational and strategic services from:

early-stage hunter sales, capital-raise and product development and operations activities, code, prototyping and design.

Example services in a standard operational agreement:

  1.     Business model development, capital-raising activities
  1.     Market research, lead generation & sales
  1.     Technology & product advisory, support & prototyping 
  1.     Creative design, product offering incl. web, client ops support


Our Team


Dave Bruno

Co founder

Former UBS Head Innovation who launched new business models from the world’s largest wealth manager, co-founder Ynome and SmartWealth, with 25 years experience ex-PwC and Credit Suisse. Handles finmodel projections, go-to-market strategy & customer execution, capital raise strategy & investor execution.


Patrick Hocking

Co founder

Product manager experienced in transforming business initiatives into strategic, lean prototypes utilizing a background in medical data science. Responsible for product development, user experience, branding, and marketing.

See How You Can Grow

We do 25-minute free consultations on Monday and Friday mornings, helping you do a triage of how to get invested and ramp up sales faster. Book us up!