Entrepreneurship and Leadership Title

Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Founders: One invaluable tool in your kit is a sharp, convincing investor teaser. Here is the template we use atΒ . Insider Tips:

🍎 Yes, it really needs to fit on one page!
🍎 Yes, you really need to show a cap table!
🍎 Solution Fit gets as much space as Problem!
🍎 3-yr Product Roadmap has to tie into “Ask/Use of Funds”!
🍎 Name your competitors! (not naming them doesn’t make them go away)
🍎 Unit Economics- Yes, reveal your pricing and how customers win!
🍎 Your valuation must state a real arms-length basis (not just your personal ambition)!

I hope this is helpful to your pre-seed/seed raise. Founders, you can’t do everything well alone. Get help on specialty jobs like this. It’s an art form.Β #venturecapitalΒ #entrepreneurshipΒ #leadership

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