Our Team

Who Are We?

Red Planet Venture’s team is made up of young gun specialists who can code, calculate, contact, design, and who are highly incentivized to drive a company forward, not just bill hours to complete a task.

Dave Bruno

Co Founder

Former UBS Head Innovation who launched new business models from the world’s largest wealth manager, co-founder Ynome and SmartWealth, with 25 years experience ex-PwC and Credit Suisse. Handles finmodel projections, go-to-market strategy & customer execution, capital raise strategy & investor execution.​


Destiny Fry

Lead Designer

Graduate of New England Institute of Technology with her Bachelors in Graphics Multimedia and Web Design.


Timothy Noto

SaaS Product Architect

Supply Chain Leader for Frito Lay | Part-time Engineering Consultant for Red Planet Ventures


Patrick Hocking

Co Founder

Product manager experienced in transforming business initiatives into strategic, lean prototypes utilizing a background in medical data science. Responsible for product development, user experience, branding, and marketing.


Jake Winter

Market Research Analysis

Go-To-Market Strategy and Execution | Co-Founder at PatentPlus | Intern at UConn TCS | Mechanical Engineering | Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation

Yuliana Tsapar

UConn Werth Innovator at UConn Werth Institute

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